For Lawyers

PNW Mediation works with all types of family and interpersonal law cases, from relatively agreed to extremely challenging high conflict and domestic violence cases. We utilize mediation space in the locality of the lawyers or parties. We have flexible rates ranging from daily to hourly, and we offer low bono services when both lawyers are doing so.

Mediators take different approaches to solving cases. PNW Mediators are familiar with all mediation styles, and we prefer to help people make well reasoned choices, rather than “hammering” them into any resolution just to resolve the case. This is done with a variety of techniques, including pre-mediation sessions, a “joint” session, and follow up sessions as needed. We often use phone conferences for pre-sessions, and phone and email for post sessions, and we can use Skype (and other communication tools) as needed.

Preparing clients

Pre-mediation session information

Tips about mediation materials

Mediation ethics (including information about confidentiality inside and outside of mediation, and neutrality vs. unbiased mediators)

Note: Mediation standards are difficult to define, in part because there are many styles and perspectives on mediation. Other than as loosely identified in RCW 7.07, there are no mediation standards in Washington (nor in most other jurisdications). APFM and AFCC are two organizations to which PNWM supports and participates in. Both are continually developing their standards. PNWM blends these standards with principles of the Integrative Client-Centered Model principles.

Mediation standards by Academy of Professional Family Mediators

Mediation standards by Association of Family and Conciliation Courts