How clients can get the most bang for their buck

Mediation can be cost effective, let you stay in control of the outcome, and provide a better result than going to court, especially if you prepare in advance. The best way to prepare is to work with your lawyer to understand what your true needs are, and also to discover alternatives ways to help you achieve what you need. Divorces typically involve some combination of broad issues of parenting time, dividing assets and debts, and providing for everyone’s future needs. Obviously there are always a variety of narrower issues. Identifying the things that are important to you will improve your mediation experience.

Future needs are important to consider, but they are often hard to think about because just getting through the divorce process, and needs of today, can be overwhelming. In a divorce, the process and outcome will likely have a direct impact on your future financial situation, and if you have children, it will directly impact their welfare –both short and long term.

If you have a lawyer, working with them is important to understand how to create the best future for your children and to best protect your own financial needs. PNW Mediation can provide you and your lawyer with various tools to explore your needs.

If you don’t have a lawyer, PNW Mediation cannot provide you legal advice, but we can provide you the same tools we provide lawyers to help you gain more insight into your needs and develop more options to help you better meet your needs.

The trick to gaining the most bang for your buck is thinking through the issues. You can do this before or during the mediation. If you can do this before mediation, the mediation process can take less time and be more effective for you.